I am hoping someone can give me some advice. I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to cameras, I have played about with slrs before and primarily use a fujiflim hs10 bridge camera as my holiday and day to day camera.

My wife and I Have a trip planed for next July to go to uganda for a couple of weeks to do gorilla and chimp trekking as well as doing general safari experiences (lions, elephants, buffalo, birds etc).

We are unsure of what the best cameras are to buy as I believe the gorillas will be very close, around 5 meters away but there will be very low light as they are in the middle of the jungle which will have a canopy. The humidity and chance of rain will also be very high so I am not sure if we will need rain covers etc.

For doing the chimp trekking we are likely to be a little further away, probably a max closeness of 10 meters and it is likely the area they are In the lighting may be slightly better.

For general safari the lighting will be bright as it will be open savanna mostly however they could be very far away at times.

My initial thoughts was that we may buy 2 cameras something that is good in low light with a high ISO (a dslr) and then something that has a big zoom (like the panasonic fz72 bridge camera). I was hoping that my wife and myself will get some good snaps with both cameras at all locations but we know that 1 camera may better suited to the shooting conditions in each location.

Because we are on a bit of a budget I was also thinking of looking at second hand camera. Any thoughts on this?

Any advice/ thoughts.