Hi guys

Thanks for your time. Im looking at buying my first camera which I plan to take with me on some of my travels next year. Im a complete novice but I really appreciate good quality photos and I don't want to waste my time exploring exotic landscapes & wildlife whilst taking poor photos.

Having discussed it with a couple of my photographer friends one has recommended a bridge camera whereas another has suggested DSLR.

Looking at the videos on youtube and reviews on various websites I'm a bit stuck. I see the benefits of a bridge as I won't need to carry an extra lense with me while i travel. However the DSLR looks to have better image quality and better focus.

Just wondered if I could get someone else's opinion and advice on the matter? My budget is around 300 but this is flexible. The cameras I've been looking at are:

Nikon D3200 (309 at Jessops, possibly with a Tamron 70-300mm lens for around 90)
Nikon D3100 (just cos its 50 cheaper! wondering if its worth the extra money?)

Fujifilm XS-1 (just been on Amazon black friday deal at 250 and have seen some resales around 300)
Fujifilm HS50 EXR (around 330)

Like I said, I'd like to take some wildlife shots when Im out there but I think the majority of my photos will be more landscape type stuff. Although I'm buying the camera initially for this holiday I'd like to take it for future travels too. Any advice, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.