Hi and thanks for letting me join.

I've been using my TZ18 for around three years now and have been mostly impressed with it.
I like the range of controls and have been happy with the results.
I do a lot of video for my YouTube channel (you can find it as my home page link) as well as a lot of photos of varying subjects.

One bug my TZ18 has always had is dust on the sensor and annoyingly it messed up a lot of videos when I was in Antigua recently.

However, worse was to come, I was happily videoing some amazing sea views with waves crashing etc when a freak wave got me and the camera.
Well the poor thing failed almost immediately! After some emergency rinsing and drying it has 90% recovered but is very sick, lots of noise and many switch off and re start errors.

So its time to get a new one and to be honest despite reading the reviews I am confused.

The TZ35 looks a strong contender but I have read that the battery needs to be charged in the camera which will be a pain!
Is it the same battery as my TZ18 uses? if it is then I have two spares and a way to charge it outside.

The TZ40 would be a good one, but I don't see any need for wifi, so would be spending more on something I'll never use.

Then I have looked at the Lumix LF1 and LX7.
These look good, no flash on the LX7
Again I'd need to know about batteries.

So there we have it, need an upgrade, TZ18 I loved and want the same or better functions.

Can you help?