Hi Guys,

First off, I know you'll all be groaning at the fact I'm using an archaic EOS300D. Its a long story, needs must.

Anyway, I'm trying to take pictures and for them to be instantly displayed on my laptop. I'm using Windows 7.

I'm told by Canon that its not possible, but being the type who's not put off easily, I wonder if any of you guys have managed to sort a "work around"?

I've got a studio shoot coming up and being a bit of a novice I need to be checking my exposure regularly and its a hassle having to eject the CF card and load the images onto the computer. It'd be far easier and look a lot more professional if I was able to have a cable linking the camera to the computer and for the image to be displayed on the computer instead of the small screen on the camera.

Is there anybody who's managed to do this with an EOS300D and Win7? If so, I'd love to hear how you managed it?

Best regards