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Thread: Upgrade D5100?

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    Default Upgrade D5100?

    I am an Estate/Letting agent. I currently use a D5100 with a SB700 flash and Tamron 10-24mm lens for property photos.

    I need to stick to Nikon as they are the only ones who alllow date stamping (I think).

    Purely from an internal room shot perspective, is it worth upgrading to the D600 or D7000 standard?

    Any thoughts would be great.

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    Hi Welcome to the forum. If all you photograph is room shots and you are happy with the results then I don't see the need to upgrade. If you are still thinking on upgrading Nikon have just released the D5300 which is worth looking at. Good luck ... Graham

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    For what you do there's little point upgrading to the D700 as you won't use the additional features and atributes that it has. The D600 (now D610) is slightly different as it's full-frame. This is a benefit for wideangle photography since you won't have the 1.5x magnification factor to deal with that you get with Nikon's APS-C DSLRs, where your 10-24mm lens for example, becomes effectively the equivalent of 15-36mm. In your business that's a definite plus, but you''ll need to factor in the fact that both the camera, and full frame wideangle lenses, are quite a bit more expensive. The Sigma 12-24mm, for example, is about 600, which would expand your current maximum angle of view from 110 degrees to 122 degrees.
    If this is a business expense that you can write off this probably won't be an issue, in which case I'd say 'go for it', but if it's your own savings you should first ask whether you have a need for more wideangle views than you are already getting with your existing kit.
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    Thanks. I'll look into the 600 then.
    I don't want wider shots - as it starts to mislead!


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