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    Default Can you set your lens to custom set auto focuses?

    Beginner here! Have a canon 600d with kit IS lens II.. Was wondering in music videos how do they focus from a persons face with the background blurred, then quickly switching to the persons face blurred with the background coming into focus but being so consistent.

    I know how to do it manually but sometimes its hard to get the full potential without having to fiddle about for a few seconds to get the subject in focus. Is there a setting where i can preset the lens for the desired focuses for the future? Or do i have to try and master this skill?

    autofocus sucks, takes ages to focus how i want the clip to look.

    Many thanks

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    Haven't a cue about your Canon but modern video capable cameras sometimes have touchscreens and you would just touch the point that needs to be in focus at the time. I take it that the 600D doesn't have this useful facility. If not, can you specify a focus box and move it around the live view screen by using the control pad?
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    There are two ways I can think of - one is to do it manually during shooting, the other is to cut, and then refocus before starting filming again.

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    The way cameramen do it is to set the furthest focus, then put their thumb on the focus ring so that when they straighten it, that position is in focus. Pull back to your starting position but keep your thumb on the focus ring. When you extend your thumb, it will naturally reach the focus point you desire. If you want to get really clever use the thumb as above but use your middle finger of your right hand as the near point stop, when it is extended you are at your near point. I use this on my Nikon D600, if canon lenses focus the other way just reverse the process.

    It will only take you two or three attempts to master and you will be able to do it really quickly in future, the secret is stay relaxed and envision what you want to achieve, don't be distracted by the technicalities, you should set your exposure, audio and everything else before making the finished shot. At weddings etc, find a subject the same distance away, so you are ready when the bride and groom walk down the aisle.
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    it is not easy to master this kind of skill, but you need to practice over and over...


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