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    Default Kodak LS755 - please suggest alternatives

    Hi everyone,

    I'm hoping somebody will be able to advise me !
    About 7 years, an ex of mine lent me the above compact digital camera which I took on holiday. It took some really nice shots, dont know alot about digi cameras so dont know if it was the lens or something else. This model is no longer in production so I'm hoping you can suggest a similar camera, or the successor of this model.

    Many thanks !

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    Not having experienced that camera it is hard to say, but developments over time mean that most reasonable camera phones should at least equal the performance of that camera. Otherwise have a look at the cheapest cameras you can find at your local electrical retailer, or if you want to be sure of getting something better, taking advantage of the latest standards, any camera that falls within your budget. Anything around 100 is likely to better that old Kodak, but do read reviews on the camera model that you fancy.
    Start off by looking at the Canon Powershot A2500 perhaps. If you compare the specification and features with the Kodak, it should become obvious that things have changed. Whether that change is manifested as a much superior picture under most conditions is something you will have to prove for yourself.


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