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    Default Adjustment Layers CS6

    I'm starting to get use to my CS6, currently I'm trying to get my head around "Adjustment Layers". After making alterations to images using the Adjustment Layers technique, have you got to flatten the layers before saving.
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    Anyone help please.
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    This is dependant on what your next stage is (and whether you have storage space aplenty).

    If you've finished editing you could flatten and save as your preferred file format (.jpg, .tif, etc.) - beware of over-writing original files.

    Personally, I tend to save all work files as .psd and leave all the layers in place. Secondary/final files can still be produced in other formats using the 'Save as..' command. This way if I need to make any further adjustments or edits, say for printing, I still have the work file available.

    There's no need to flatten just to export an image/file.
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