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    Default Bought The Wrong Camera?!

    Hello All!

    I am hoping to get a little advice.

    My 2 yearold son dropped my trusty Coolpix S500 (I know, I've had it a while but have always been very happy with the results it gives!) so I had to find a new camera.

    I spent hours googling around and on Which? reading reviews and decided that if I could find a goo deal on the Panasonic TZ7, that would be the one. A camera that would simply take really nice pictures, and that would last a few years.

    It was my son's 3rd birthday the other day and I paniced and decided I needed a god camera - that my phone camera wouldn't suffice. So I went to my local photographic shop and tried to buy a TZ7. Only they said that it was superceded by the TZ9, for which they wanted 170.. out of my budget.

    They have a limited selection but I ended up buying a Panasonic FS50. It cost me 90 - within my budget (around the 100 mark) and they recommended it as a nice point and shoot camera, with a good lense.

    When I got home, I googled it and couldn't find reviews. I logged on to Which? and saw that their review is that they do not like it and that there are about 35 cameras in the same price bracket that they prefer! That put me on edge a bit.

    So I got using it and I'm looking through the results and - although I don't know to what degree my perception is being flavoured by reading the bad review - many of the photos are not in focus. It appears that in the majority of photos the autofocus has either decided to focus on something odd (throwing the subjects out of focus) or people are just blurry from movement. The photos were taken indoors but not necessarily in awful light conditions - I'm sure my Coolpix S500 captured better photos.

    I'm hoping you guys can advise... what do you think of the FS50? Am I being too sensitive to the photos because of that bad review or is this a problem with the camera?
    And where do I stand - do you think I can return the camera or maybe ask them to trade up? The one thing about trading up is that their prices are not competitive, but I suppose since I only buy a camera every few years and I bought in a rush maybe it's just something I have to swallow.

    What would you do??

    Thank you all!


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    Sorry - correction... the camera I was originally looking at that had been superseded was the SZ7, not TZ7!

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    Reviews are few and I have no experience of it, but just looking at a few reviews on it seems that people are overwhelmingly satisfied with [what is] one of the cheapest point and shoots available today. A great many of the negatives in the reviews are about the lack of SD card included in the [already bargain?] price. I wonder if they ever got 500 film exposures free when they bought their Kodak Instamatics and so on, back whenever?
    With this in mind it strikes me that a few reviewers must surely be upgrading from phone cameras which have fair built-in memory capacity.


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