I am a keen but definite beginner in the world of photography, I love taking photos of everything and anything using my current point-and-shoot Panasonic Lumix SZ1. I however would like to upgrade this to a bridge camera, superzoom style (with them being like smaller DSLRs). I donít feel ready to take on a DSLR yet, but want more manual control over my shots. I would like to be able to take it out and about when on holiday, as well as portrait photography and some macro photography of products (to use on my blog).

I am of genuinely limited means and can only really afford to spend around £200 (which is rather a lot of money to me), preferably less to be able to account for case, batteries etc. I would happily buy second hand from a reputable source for the right camera, but only if said camera is actually available under £200 second hand.

Someone suggested the Pentax X5 because of its CMOS sensor, EVF and articulated LCD, but I have noticed it doesnít seem to offer a great deal in manual controls, and is lacking Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes, which somebody else said would be good to look for. My mind is now boggled by these various suggestions and Iím not sure what I should really be prioritising when looking. I have also looked at Panasonic Lumix LZ20 & 30, Fujifilm Finepix S4800 & S6800 and Canon Powershot SX500.

Can anyone suggest any cameras to look at or at least what I should/should not be bothered with? Iíve seen many different suggestions on different review sites and even after looking at videos on YouTube and a few visits to Curryís to play with the cameras, I am still mighty confused.