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    Default Canon 700D or Nikon D5200

    Hi everyone i am hoping i can get some feedback by you all on here.

    I am looking to purchase either of the DLSR's in the title but i dont know which one is more suitable to me. I currently have a high quality camcorder which i used pretty much every weekend however the stills from it are pretty average.
    I am looking more and more at taking decent photos but also still want a good HD video (especially in low light)

    Any suggestions?


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    Hi and welcome, either of these 2 cameras will be ok what you need to do is go and try them out see how they feel see if the menu system suits you and the controls are in the right place for you. dont settle for i will get used to it

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    To make your choice easier he are a few things to consider:

    If you want pictures with more megapixels then the D5200 is more suitable

    If you want a touchscreen LCD and the ability to control off camera flash guns straight from your camera then the 700D is your camera ... the Canon 700D also comes with an STM lens which focuses smoother and more quietly when shooting video - this is important if you are planning to shoot lots of video ....

    Both cameras have good low light capability, very good pictures and tilt-swivel screens
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