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    Default Bridge Camera Vs DSLR ?

    I have an old Nikon D70 and am thinking of selling it to buy a Bridge camera (Zr200)
    The reason being that my D70 uses an older CCD sensor whilst the newer cameras use CMOS sensors.

    D70 sensor is larger but older technology (CCD) and only 6MB
    Zr200 Bridge camera - new technology (CMOS) and about 16MB

    I know the lens is important too, but considering equal lenses...
    Will I get better quality images from a newer bridge camera with a CMOS sensor (I know the sensor is smaller than my D70 sensor)
    Anyone any comments?

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    The difference between CCD and CMOS sensors is purely academic. The point is, are you dissatisfied with the picture quality of your current camera and would a new one be better?

    6MP is a low resolution by current standards but is capable of perfectly good pictures as long as they aren't blown up to a large size. I quite often take such pictures in burst mode and they are perfectly acceptable. They don't take to severe cropping, that is the main limit.

    In all honesty I think you are on the wrong track in making a choice between a CCD and CMOS sensor. It is not particularly relevant to your choice. Neither is your disregard of lenses by considering the lenses to be equal. They just aren't.

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    hi i think the question is what is wrong with my pictures now and what do i hope to gain. a good lens will give your camera a real boost

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    Many people think that because a bridge camera looks like a DSLR it will produce similar images, but the DSLr sensor is not just bigger it's many, many times bigger. The fact that the bridge has more pixels just means the pixels themselves will be very small and less efficient. That said, if you're not going to print above A4 a bridge will be fine for certain subjects, though not fast moving ones, and not in especially low light. The choice will come down to how much image quality you need, and how much extra weight you're prepared to carry to get it. A third alternative would be a compact system camera, which gives you a larger sensor than a bridge (with the exception of the Pentax Q) but smaller than a DSLR. There are lots of choices here depending on your budget and whether or not you want a viewfinder.

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