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    Default NEX 3N or RX100??

    Hello photo-nuts,

    I'm upgrading from a point and shoot (apologies, I know this kind of post crops up every day), but i'm looking for some opinions if you please. DSLRs are just too big for me at the moment, I keep thinking of all the shots that I would miss because the DSLR would be too bulky to bring with me. I wanted to spend about <500 on the camera and my criteria are ; compact size, large sensor and high image quality. I wanted that nice depth of field that you get from a DSLR because it gives shots such a wonderful look. I was looking at the NEX 3N because it is such good value for fantastic image quality. Then I keep reading reviews of the RX100 and everyone seems to want to have this camera's babies. I don't intend on purchasing a huge array of lenses for my camera, I just wanted excellent image quality. Fuji x100s is fantastic but far too expensive for me at this time. The Ricoh GR is also amazing, despite it's limited video options. However it's still a little too dear for me. Sony's focus peeking is a really nice feature. I'm open to suggestions. I suppose my main question is, can the RX100 (with it's fast lens and zeiss optics) produce the same image quality as the NEX 3N with the kit lens? Does the superior lens that's coupled with the RX100 compensate for the smaller 1" type sensor when compared to the NEX 3N APSC sized sensor coupled with the power zoom kit lens? Thank you in advance to anyone who has taken the time to read my (extremely long-winded) question. Any input would be appreciated.

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    hi and welcome what i would do is go and try both out see how they perform. i would also compare them with a DSLR then you know the difference and if its worth taking a large camera with you. bare in mind canons sl100 is on the market

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    The short answer is no. As excellent as the RX100 is as a compact it won't compete with the NEX 3N for image quality. If IQ and shallow DoF are important to you it would be the one to go for of these two. Alternatively you could consider the Canon EOS M, which has the same size sensor, and produces excellent image quality, or the Lumix GF6 which has a slightly smaller sensor but excellent image quality and a lot of great features. All are available for under 500. You might be interested in our big group test of CSCs for under 500 in the next issue, which comes out in two weeks.

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