Hi all

About to purchase my first DSLR, initially to expand on my photography hobby that's reached its limit with compact & iPhones, but with a distant eye on something more professional in the future. I wouldn't say I'm an absolute newbie when it comes to photography, both in terms of artistic/composition elements and technical elements of the craft, obviously still a lot to learn. Also, keen on having high quality HD video recording. (Sorry for the waffle, thought this background detail might help direct the advice of you fine people on the actual question that's to follow!)

Basically, I'm in two minds about a. buying a cheaper body to spend more on additional/better lenses, or b. go for the latest body and work with the kit lens for a long time until I can save for additional/better lenses. As I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong), but I'm essentially choosing between two levels within Canon's entry-level models ('Entry' entry-level and 'Mid-Range' entry-level, if you will!)...

'Entry' entry-level
Canon EOS 100D - latest model, close to 700D in price and spec
Canon EOS 1100D - super cheap, tech too old? Lacking in some specs?

'Mid-range' entry-level
Canon EOS 700D - latest model
Canon EOS 650D - discontinued, nearly identical to 700D but available for less
Canon EOS 600D - cheaper still, tech too old?

The above is the (very) basic summary of my research thus far, obviously not quite so black and white but hopefully illustrates my thinking! Would really appreciate the advice from guys in the know on this and which model you think would be best for my needs, apologies if this is covering some old ground!

Thank you in advance.