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    Default Really need advice to get started

    I really am sorry to all of you are sick to death of this question but i really need help.
    I'm trying to get in to photography and my main interest is extreme macro and I'd love to get images with good magnification.
    When i started my research a few months back I was pretty dead set on getting a Canon 60d/70d so later on i could use the MP-E 65mm lens but all i have achieved since is getting my self lost in it all.
    So my main question is where is my money best spent I have nothing what so ever so I can buy in to either camp (Nikon/Canon) and were to spend it. What would be the best starting equipment between 1000-2000,
    Like i said my main interest is magnified macro but i would also like to take a few nice portraits and maybe a bit of other wildlife
    so what would be the best equipment i could but to start out??

    Cam Body
    Shutter Remote
    Extension Tube Kit
    Reversing Ring
    Bag For It All

    Once again i am sorry for the question but if you could help me it would be amazing and any advice would be gratefully received as i am a complete novice
    Thank You for your time

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    hi and welcome. first thing if its macro then you will need a macro lens sigmas 105 f2.8 springs to mind.
    camera body you will need to go and try these out, if it feels right then thats a long way to being right dont settle for i will get used to it. make sure the buttons are in the right place and the menu systems are easy for you. when you buy a DSLR you buy into a system so make sure that system suits your needs.
    you will need a tripod and a bag plus a flash and i would put on your list a reflector.
    most cameras come with a kit lens and to be honest not a bad place to start. if you want wildlife then a telephoto is on the list but that will add to your startup costs. but look at something in the range of 70-300 or 100-400 you may get away with 70-200
    hope this helps

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    If your looking to get good magnification shots then you should be looking at the canon 65mm it starts where other macro lenses stops. The Sigma 105 is a great lens I have one on my D7000, but if I had a Canon camera, I would be using the 65mm lens. As wave said a reflector is always a good idea I would also look at a focusing ring. Good luck ... Graham

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    sorry type error, I meat focusing rail


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