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    Default Canon SX50 or Panasonic FZ72

    I've been impressed with the Canon SX50, having seen photos taken by a couple of friends who have them but have noticed that Panasonic are about to launch the FZ72. I'm not technically minded so wondered what the pro's and con's would be between each camera. We have a compact Samsung camera with 20x zoom which is great to pop in my handbag for evenings out etc, but I'm looking for something to take on holidays, to weddings etc that will give good quality images but is fairly easy to use. Any help / advice gratefully received!

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    hi and welcome canon has released some new cameras today i would check them out

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    Hi there,

    First reviews of the FZ72 have been quite mixed (digitalversus, expert reviews, photography blog).
    Still, with any kind of superzoom bridge you're going to have to compromise a little on image quality. Just how important is it to you to have a huge 60x zoom lens? Unless you're going on safari, I wouldn't imagine it'll be all THAT useful.
    Do you specifically want a bridge camera? If not I would consider a good-quality compact or a DSLM.

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    Agreed. Bridge cameras are designed for people who need big zoom lenses. The sensors are the same size as the one in your existing compact so you will see no radical difference in image quality. If you're into sports, wildlife etc they have a place, but for general shooting there are other types of camera that will give you better image quality - if image quality is important – for the same or less money. One extra benefit they do provide over most compacts is that most feature a viewfinder, which aids composition, reduces camera shake, and makes viewing easier in bright sun, for for the budget your looking at you could also get that from a DSLR or a CSC such as the Lumix G3. Without knowing more about what you're looking for its difficult to make a recommendation but here are a few ideas based on guesswork, all of which cost the same or less than the FZ72 and SX50

    • If image quality is most important - look at the Nikon D3200 (or cheaper D3100) DSLRs
    • If image quality is very important but you don't want a DSLR because its too big - Panasonic Lumix G3 (an interchangeable lens CSC)
    • If image quality is important, but a vewfinder isn't - Sony NEX-3N with 16-50mm lens
    • If you're looking at bridge cameras because you want a viewfinder, but don't need a big zoom - Panasonic Lumix LF1 (pocket compact with viewfinder and 7x zoom)
    • If you really do want a bridge camera with a big zoom - Panasonic Lumix FZ200. (Only a 24x zoom but a wide f/2.8 aperture throughout the range for significantly better image quality (and only about 20 more than the FZ72).


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