Hello. It's been great taking photos.. First I started with the simple standard 18-105mm lens.. Then I went into the zoom lens with a 70 - 300.. I then purchased a 105 1-1 F2.8 macro lens.... After which I purchased a 150-500mm.. I'm now going to buy a wide angle lens. Been thinking what to buy. So far the options that have come to mind after basic research... 8-16mm or 12-24... Which would be the best?

I'm a nature and building photographer..

Photography has been an interesting development over the last 2 years. Just as I get comfortable with one type of lens I see a photo the expires me to another direction.. But still in the same area of nature and buildings.

I some how don't have the attitude for people photography.. I find nature actually easier and more calming, even when rushing around trying to take a photo of a venomous snake is easier than taking a photo of a child posing for a parent shot.

Getting back to the original.. I have the budget for one.. I love scenery photos and taking photos of buildings both internal and external. Also I would like a wide angle for wildlife scene.. example a group of birds nesting in trees

What would be the best wide angle lens..? (Or should I chose another option...?)

Thanks in advance.. I look forward in reading them..