Hello! I am very new to DSLRs and photography, and will soon be taking the plunge and buying my first DSLR. I have read lots of reviews on the Internet to which entry level camera is best for me, but nothing is making it clearer! I want to take pictures of wildlife, landscape, people, and general things in every day life. I also want to take pictures of Ultimate frisbee which can be a very fast paced sport, and I have read some reviews saying some cameras are not good for sports photography. The Nikon D3200 keeps popping up as a good entry level DSLR, however I have also read this isn't good for sports photography? I know very little about cameras and lenses at the moment, so should I be aiming for a completely different camera to the Nikon D3200? Are there any other cameras out there suited for people on a budget but still want to do sports photography? Or do I need to buy additional lenses? All of the nikons I have seen come with an 18 to something lens (though this doesn't make much sense to me at the moment :P)

Any help or advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!