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    Default Recommendation for a camera for an Estate Agent.....

    Hi everyone, as my forum name suggests, I am an estate agent looking to buy a new camera for taking photo's of properties.....

    The budget will be 400 - 1,000 and my needs are as follows:

    1. It must perform well in low light conditions - the main problem that I have at the moment is a lack of light in properties

    2. Although I know a little bit about photography, and take 90% of the photo's in my company - it would be great to be able to take a decent shot in auto mode for my colleagues who will not venture outside this mode......

    3. I need a small zoom range, so cannot look at a prime lens ( Standing in the middle of a busy road to get a photo of the outside of a property is not fun - especially as most people realise that you are an estate agent, and therefore actively try to hit you.....)

    4. It needs to be fairly wide angle, without too much distortion ( I don't want the room to look like an exhibition studio when in reality it is 10' x 10'....)

    I look forward to your suggestions - and thank you in advance for your help.


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    Hi welcome to the forum.

    From what you need a camera for you should be looking at a DSLR with a sigma 10- 20mm wide angle. This lens is so wide you may not need to stand out on the road.Hope this helps... Graham

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    + 1 for the 10-20 the new F3.5 will work just well in this case plus an external flash, you will need to learn how to use bounce flash to get good results

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    Panasonic LX7 or Sony RX100 would probably exceed your expectations. Unless you really really want an SLR and/or mirrorless system camera and optical viewfinder. In most cases and for your line of work you will not actually need the best quality photos possible. What you really need is the best composed pictures you can possibly get, and that is up to you for the most part, not the equipment. The most successful estate agents locally only use advanced compact cameras like the Panasonic Lumix TZ series and their equivalent rivals. What no camera can do in terms of presenting a property in visual sales terms is to create a silk purse out of a sow's ear. But you already know that.


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