Hi everyone, as my forum name suggests, I am an estate agent looking to buy a new camera for taking photo's of properties.....

The budget will be 400 - 1,000 and my needs are as follows:

1. It must perform well in low light conditions - the main problem that I have at the moment is a lack of light in properties

2. Although I know a little bit about photography, and take 90% of the photo's in my company - it would be great to be able to take a decent shot in auto mode for my colleagues who will not venture outside this mode......

3. I need a small zoom range, so cannot look at a prime lens ( Standing in the middle of a busy road to get a photo of the outside of a property is not fun - especially as most people realise that you are an estate agent, and therefore actively try to hit you.....)

4. It needs to be fairly wide angle, without too much distortion ( I don't want the room to look like an exhibition studio when in reality it is 10' x 10'....)

I look forward to your suggestions - and thank you in advance for your help.