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    Default FUJIFILM X20 Focus Points


    Am interested in buying the FUJIFILM X20 but can't see any information regarding the amount of focus points on Manual mode? Is it just one central focus point or does it have the ability to choose others without having to move the focus box?

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    It's not at all clear what you mean. Are you talking about manual mode as opposed to intelligent auto or program/A/S? Or do you mean manual focus mode?

    Anyhow, there are generally five focus modes.
    Multi-point. Auto face priority, Centre point. Tracking. Finally there is 'Area' mode, which is a movable box area that can also be resized. Perhaps not all focus options are available in all shooting modes and scene modes.

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    apologies, many a mistake made in haste.

    Manual mode. On my CANON DSLR i have 9 focus points in Manual, was looking to see if the Fuji X20 had more than one or if you just had to move the focus box itself.


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