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I am looking to get a good SLR, I have quite a bit of experience in photography but this will be my first digital SLR. I do have a budget of about 500, though i will spend more if i have to. I am really looking at a Nikon or a Canon. I have looked at everything from the D40, D90 (which is a bit out of my budget) and the EOS 500 and 1000.
I want the camera for hobby and possible professional use.
So if anyone can suggest the best one that would be great.
Of those listed the EOS 500D would provide you with the most flexibility to quickly build upon in the future. Remember that, although there's no reason you couldn't produce and sell images/have a business based on the 500D, the lenses you're likely to want to attach to the camera make a significant difference to the shots that you can obtain. Never underestimate the overall cost that this can bring to your initial package. Start it up as a hobby, have fun with making and sharing images, then see where you go from there.