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    Hi all i am new to this site and after some help and advice.
    In fact i completely new to photography and need to start from the beginning.
    some of the photos that you guys and girls have posted on here are great and that is the sort of level i would like to get to.
    But i really do not know were to start so here is a few questions,

    What do you like to take photos of.
    what is the best camera i can get budget of about 500 .
    what accessories do you recommend to bye in the future.
    some general help on how to get great pictures and what settings and cameras you use

    Many thanks an advance James

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    I'm no expert and only got into photography after semi-retiring. It's not so much about the kit but more about the 'eye'. That means seeking out interesting images and creating images wherever you go and whatever you are doing. There's always something interesting and a creative perspective if you look for it.
    I would start building equipment up by choosing a system. If you want to take it at least semi-seriously you should be looking at an interchangeable lens system. Once you start investing/spending on it, it then becomes very expensive to change to another system. I think to start with you should look at a fairly large sensor camera system like a micro four thirds or APS-C. Both can be in the form of a more compact mirrorless camera or SLR style, and in the case of APS-C they can be actual DSLR cameras. Not going to comment on brands or specific models at this stage.

    Accessories? Well, you need two zooms and ideally one nice prime lens. An extra battery. A tripod. A bag. A fast SD card or two are essential.


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