Hi every one,

I am looking into buying a camera and I have found this wonderful site and I have read lots of the guides. At first I tought I was advancing, but now I have more questions ! So I am decided to ask some help.

First off, my budget around 500$, but i will willing to pay more if needed.

I am looking for a good quality picture camera, but i not an expert and I will use auto focus most of the time. I will use it to photograph every day normal life (well my normal :P ) which consist of taking pictures of friends and family and some outdooring. Lately, I have been taking lots of picture of my newborn and i find that my actual camera just sucks at low light situations.

Features that i want is :
- Good quality pictures
- Size of camera is not a issue. It does not have to fit in a pocket..
- Anti-shake feature as good as possible.
- Good quality videos. I was also think of buying camcorder, but if I can get both in the camera, i will be very happy.
- Possibility to use on a tripod (but i dont think this is an issue for most camera)

My first instinct was looking into Bridge cameras thinking that quality was better then compact cameras. Changing lenses in a DSLR does not attract me for now. But then I read that sensor size if of most importance in a camera and that Bridge camera is no better then a compact. So now I am not sure what to choose.

I am willing to look at entry level DSLR if I can get a "general" lense that I can use in most situation like taking pictures of people. I might look into more lenses in the futur, but its not a priority for now.

Thanks in advance for any advice !!!