Hi all,
I'm going to be spending a week travelling Italy at the end of the month, and considering all the beautiful sites that are there, i don't think my iPhone will do it any justice!
Seeing other people's beautifully high quality photo's recently has made me take the plunge and buy a new camera, i just don't know where to start! I have looked at so many that I've just confused myself!
I was looking at the bridge cameras as they are cheaper than the DSLR's, but i haven't the foggiest what the differences between them are!
My budget is around 200 and a lithium battery is a must! It's not much of a problem if the battery doesn't come with it, as long as it's compatible, i can buy one! Some cool features would also be nice, but not essential.
Other than that, i haven't a clue what to get! High quality would be an advantage, as well as a nice zoom, but would prefer quality over zoom if i have to choose!

Your advice would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.