I am looking to get a new camera for work. I'm a zoo keeper but I am also working on a project where I will be needing to photograph farmland and coastal birds and insects. I therefore need something that deals with macro as well as the 'birds on a cliff face you can't reach' shots. I have done a bit of background reading on the WDC website so I understand a bit more but doesn't really help someone who is so indecisive. Do I go for an entry level DSLR (e.g. Nikon3200) and invest in lenses? Will CSC such as the G5 or NEX-6 be just as good and easier to carry? Or are their interchangeable lenses limited at present? Or is the super zoom bridge the best for wildlife shots and I take my compact with me for close up insects? I always think users opinions are better than glossy advertisements so I welcome any advice. Thank you.