Hi i am looking for a compact that is good in low light situations and must shoot raw. I often go to gigs and like to take photos but recently have seen sum venues not allowing people without photo passes to use “pro photography equipment” to shoot the shows i.e. me with my Dslr. Due to this and the fact I don’t have a means of getting a photo pass I am looking for a compact that as above is good in lowlight situations i.e. has a fixed aperture of 1.8 (or close to) across all it zoom ranges and does not show to much noise at high iso’s . Image quality is essential as well as being able to shoot raw as I wish to edit the photos and have prints made so good quality low noise images are necessary. I also would quite like to use the camera for some landscape work as I work in the outdoors and have missed several good photo opportunities as I ant take my dslr with me.
I have been looking at the Canon Power Shot G15 (as I like the fact it has a viewfinder) as well as the Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 as I have heard good things about both.
My price range is a round the £350-£400 mark which I have found both cameras in.
Sorry for the long post but any suggestions would be very welcome thanks chris