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    Red face recognised photography courses and equipment

    Hi everyone!

    After years of being a model, it's now my time to be behind the camera.
    Thing is .... I have no idea how to start!

    Ideally I am after a recognised course, that will help me get a job, and I have noticed a lot of courses just give a "certificate"

    I am extremely amateur, and would really appreciate any advice on start up equipment, and basically everything I will need in advance.

    Many thanks in advance!


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    hi and welcome first look around your area for a college course there are some good ones and that should have a path for you to follow. good luck

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    As I'm not sure of your location it's difficult to offer sound advice. Here in England there is a number of courses available depending on your needs. If you are unfamiliar with camera controls, then it may be worth looking for a course that specialises in camera control ect. If you are comfortable with camera operation then the following courses may be worth a look; NCFE in photography levels 1-3 widely available, as is UAL(university of arts) level 3 photography. Some of these courses award UCAS points upon completion, should you wish to take things further and study at degree level.
    As has been stated, have a look at colleges in your area to see what's on offer. Most colleges have open days, this will give you the opportunity to talk to tutors and find out if the course will meet your needs.
    As for camera and equipment; dSLR camera, 18-55mm lens and a sturdy tripod would be a good starting point. Go down to the local retailer and see what's within your budget and choose what feels right. As you will buying into a paticular manufactures camera system, look at the availability of addition lenses and accessories.
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