I'm a newbie and think this may be a bit of a vague ask but here goes...

I've had a Canon A620 for about 4yrs and have loved using it - I bought it on the back of excellent reviews and recommendations at the the time and have had absolutely no regrets.

Problem - the flip out lcd screen has been 'shot' - my husband took it into work and it returned looking like a black and white veined leaf - not happy.

I had been looking at the Ixus range for a second family camera as well as my A620 but now I don't know what to buy - I may as well buy something to replace the A620.

There are so many reviews out there recommending different Canons that I'm a little confused. I like the different shooting options and have got to know some of the manual features on my A620, love so many of the shots I've taken over the years and would like to continue to learn and develop this knowledge but I am wondering if the G11 is a little too much... but if not the G11 what?

My budget is up to and around the 300 mark.

Some experienced advice would be much appreciated.