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    My journey into macro Photograhpy has plateaued, I seem to have reached the point where my lenses have run out of sharpness. Range of focus of my 105mm2.8 is probably only 4mm at best, and my 60mm is only about 3mm. this limits the angles at which I may capture insects to directly above, if I wish to see its entirety in focus. Up to now I have resisted the Photoshop way of going, where focus stacking could work. Normally I have only 1 or 2 seconds to compose focus and frame my subject, so stacking is not a choice. Experiments with zoom lenses has shown it is possible to get good results if the lighting is up to scratch, so I am considering a 2.8-200mm zoom as an option. Any one tried this before I commit 1500 to the subject.
    Hi Mike
    Sorry to hear your problems, this hobby can be a pain and expensive. 1500 seems a lot, 123 Photographs (123 have a second hand Nikon 105mm 2.8 D series for 349, they also do a 7 day return if not satisfied. I bought mind from them (same model as just mentioned) and was over the moon with it. I also bought another item from them, was not happy with it and had no problems with returning it and getting a refund. Sorry can't offer any technical advice.
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