Sadly my much loved Sony A700 has suffered liquid damage and now is no more

So I'm on the market for another Sony DSLR, but am a little stuck over which one to opt for and would greatly appreciate some advice.

I loved my A700 so much, the build quality was superb, it took beautiful images, worked well and ergonomically felt good to hold and use.

I would quite happily buy another A700 which I can pick up used for around 300. However was wondering whether there was anything else around now that would be better. I dont really want to spend 900 again... and would rather have the older A700 over a cheaper plasticy feeling new one.

Im not desperate for video and the same for live view. I wasn't so keen on the Sony EVF when it came out either and much preferred the A700's OVF. Has this now improved though?

The specs of some of the newer Sonys certainly do look impressive though. Im also happy to buy used.

Many thanks!