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    you need to update your camera raw plugin go to and install it to the correct folder on your pc. If that doesn't work download adobe dng converter this will convert your raw to dng. I had this problem with elements 5. Hope it helps

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    Default adobe camera raw compatible cameras

    Quote Originally Posted by 2scoops View Post
    Hi all, hope you can help me.

    I'm new to the digital world and need a bit of help.

    I have recently purchased a D5000 and am running it fully auto at the moment until i am more comfortable with its operation. I have it set up to take NEF (RAW) + JPEG Normal

    Now when i try and open a NEF (RAW) photo in PSE 7 i get a dialogue box telling me it ' Cannot open ... NEF because it is the wrong type of file.

    Anyone else had this problem, hopefully there is a quick fix

    I can open JPEG photo's without any problems

    In advance cheers
    For a list of cameras compatible with a.c.r. go to

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    Smile nef file of nikon camera

    hi, buddy
    ah, I have Nikon camera and file of Nikon camera sometimes ago got corrupted and i ended up in very worse situation then i searched for some fast recovery software to solve these kind of issues like and there was option for trial version which helped me me to solve the camera issue and evaluate my recovery results. i hope it will also help you to find some solutions for your problem
    good bye.


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