Hey all!

I am looking to buy my first camera (that is not attached to my smartphone) ever and need some help!
I have a hobby in which I paint miniatures (Warhammer to be precise).
What I want to be able to do with my camera is the following:
-Film detailed tutorials on how to paint these models
-Take detailed pictures of the finished products
-Take pictures when I'm on vacation with my girlfriend or when I have a family weekend in such a way that I can be really proud of the results.

The two camera's Im stuck at at the moment can most likely do the last point I mentioned, so Im mostly conserned about the first two.
Since I found out that people in shops never understand what I want (and they tend to just want to sell me the brand that they get the highest margin of) perhaps this video is nice to show what I want to do with it.

This models is about 14 cm high, which is somewhat the highest model I would most likely paint. All other models are more in the 4-5cm range.

So what camera's am I stuck at?
The Nikon d3200 and the Sony SLT-a58
and with the nikon I'm also stuck with: 18x55 vr or 18x105 vr? (With sony I only have a budget for 18x55)

So the main thing I want to be able to do is: take 1080p movies of small objects that move alot (When I paint I dont keep the model fixed at one point, but I do want it to stay as sharp as possible).

These camera's are the most I can afford so my question: Any of these two? or a completely different camera (bridge maybe?).

Thank you very much!