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    To get a black background on a photo is easy, set your camera to manual go to f22 with a shutter speed of around 200/ 250, then find a flower that's not got a lot of background something like a Tulip, and take your first shot, everything will be black, then set your flash to manual at full put it over the flower and take your next shot. If it's too bright drop the flash strength a bit, and if it's too dark lower the shutter speed.

    Hi Graham,
    Not quite getting this, the 2 photos have they got to be merged in Photoshop.
    Many Thanks

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    Thanks Paul.

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    Hi Can you post a non merged photo... Graham

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    slightly off topic but for anyone who enjoys taking macros, I recommend taking a look at the Macro Monday flickr group. There is a different challenge each week with up to two images to be presented on a Monday only. It forces you to re-think strategy and techniques etc...regards Paul

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    Hi all sorry for late reply I was (still am) landscaping my garden, while my dear wife went of to a Cliff Richard concert. I don't see much wrong in what your doing Tillerkid, perhaps placing the flash directly over the flower would help a bit, but have noticed a massive improvement in your shots. Thanks for the link Paul I will take a look. Regards ... Graham

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    Hi Graham, nice to see you back, bet your garden looks great. All my macro shots were edited to get the required effect, I have not used the flash at all because I'm still not sure what to do. "Thanks for your comments"

    All The Best


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    Thanks Tk, the garden is coming along nicely the problem is I think I'm 21 until I pick up a spade or wheel a barrow then i remember I'm well past 21. I'll put a photo up showing how I use my flash maybe that will give you an idea... Graham

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    just put a photo on still life section showing how I set up my camera and flash

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    Thanks Graham I'll take a look. I done my first flash macro today, I put it in competition and called it "Together". Done indoors as its raining again, I bounced the flash off the ceiling, my setup is flash connected to D600 via a Nikon SC28 cable and flash mounted on a "Joby Gorilla Mini Tripod". The D600 is obviously mounted on a tripod and I release shutter via remote, what I don't get is if I take a pre photo with a small aperture (to black thing out) then a normal shot with flash, where do I go next on the editing "to merge both" I presume. How is this done.

    PS took a look
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    You are using the right set up. I don't merge I use the first black photo as a guide on setting up my flash strength. If I see a faint outline of the flower then I set the flash to a lower setting if it's solid black then |I use more power from the flash. After a while you won't need to bother with the first black image


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