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    Hi guys

    I have always been interested in photography, and now I can afford to get myself a decent secondhand camera but I don't know where to start.

    I have been told that it's a good idea to start off with a micro 4/3 rather than a full slr, which sounds sensible. Can anyone recommend a good model to start off with though please?

    I'm going to New Zealand at the end of the year, so really want a good camera that i've had time to practice with before then

    All advice welcome!


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    Hi and welcome first let me say if you are going the interchangeable lens route then you need to look at your requirements as a good bridge camera maybe more useful to you.
    if you go for an interchangeable lens system then you have to see what you need and heres where it could get long winded.
    Top of the tree full frame DSLR with a 35mm equivalent sensor and what is a flip up mirror and viewfinder. focus is fast
    next is an aps-c sensor which is smaller but still in a DSLR body with a mirror and viewfinder. focus is fast.
    then you come to 4/3 systems which have smaller sensors but have no mirror and tend to have electronic viewfinders, which again tend not to be as fast focusing.
    now you have to decide which way to go a one camera that does it all or a system with interchangeable lenses. which ever way you go i would say go and get a short list and try them out. there is no advantage in going 4/3 as that is a system that you will buy into. you may want to go canon or nikon again look at the system and does it suit your purpose


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