I like these cameras because of the size and on paper the Sony has a clearly better sensor.

Canon (650D) Vs Sony
Color depth
21.7 bits 23.7 bits
Dynamic range
11.2 EV 13.1 EV
Low light performance
722 ISO 1,018 ISO

However the canon has better lenses available in the long run.
this technical differences look quite large particularly the dynamic range.

I've not read great things about the NEX 6 kit lens where as the 100D does okay.
The 100D also has a few other nice features that I may or may not use.

I've also toyed with the idea of a Nikon D5200 or D7000 as they give the quality of the Sony and the features of the Canon but in a bigger package. This goes against why I liked the NEX for its size. I'm also wondering if the Canon 100D size benefits are lost anyway as they dont have a small form factor zoom lens.

I generally like scenery, landscapes and maybe a bit of closer up with nice bokeh. I've also used HDR and like it, but maybe with a wider dynamic range and polarizing filter I wont need to as much. On that point would the NEX 6 power zoom take a filter?

Would a 100D with a couple of primes suit me? Or could I get the NEX with a non power zoom lens for the same price? NEX6 is already top end of my budget.

Any thoughts, suggestions, questions?