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    Hi Guys
    I'm new to the forum and this is my first comment.
    I have been a regular reader of WDC for many years and have always been impressed by the articles and reviews.
    However, I have a serious criticism of the equipment listings in that they do not appear to be updated properly or on a regular basis, which is a pity, because I and many other readers refer to this section for information on prospective new purchases.
    I have written to the magazine on this subject 3 times in the last year even pointing out specific items which I was interested in, but my letters have been neither acknowledged or published.
    I know that there are a lot of items there to keep updated, but I also think that there too many omissions.
    This will not stop me reading the magazine but I will no longer refer to the listings section as often as in the past.

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    Hi Terry sorry to here that the mag let you down. For myself I have found it very useful articles, and equipment reviews have set the stamp on many of my purchases and I have no regrets with any of my buys.


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