Hey. I am looking to buy a new camera, I want it to be a good all round camera but later this year I am planning to travel to Lapland and I would like to photograph the northern lights. I tried earlier in the year, but in night situations or low light my pictures tend to come out mostly black and blurry :-( Pretty sure my camera is broken anyway, as it was cheap and is a few years old. I want a camera which doesn't do this.

I would also like the camera to have a good video function, be able to film in full HD and no sound loss when zooming!! Do you have any idea of what would be the best value camera I can get that would be capable of these things? I have looked on Curry's website and seen some around 200 that seem to be OK, but I don't really know what all the jargon means.

Please help :-) Thanks

- Harriet