I given up using point and shoot and bridge cameras because of their slow focus and write times and have belatedly decided to join the DSLR scene. I have Minolta mount lenses bought new in 1995 including a Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 Apochromatic and Minolta AF 24Ė85mm f3.5-4.5 which would work on a Sony DSLT, but I donít really know how they compare with modern digital optics for quality, operating speed etc. I am considering the A65, A77 or even the A99 but if my lenses were likely to fall significantly short of new equivalents, I could be persuaded to look at Canon or Nikon offerings or maybe CSCís instead. I will have to buy at least one new lens even if I stick with Sony (unless I go for the A99), because I want to retain at least a 24mm wide equivalent.
I also have a Minolta 5400HS flashlight but I understand that it isnít compatible with the new Sony models.
I would appreciate any comments or advice, especially as regards the lenses issue.