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    Default Buying Help and Greetings!

    Hi all, my first post. Hoping to use the forum as a general assist for my dreadful photographic skills...

    I currently have a Sony Cybershot W330 compact camera. It's a few years old now and I feel that the pictures it takes are too fuzzy overall. (I don't know the technical terms, too much processing?) I've fiddled with options and can't seem to get anywhere. As a result, me and Mrs Netgeezer have decided to look into buying a new camera.


    Do I go for compact / bridge? Superzoom? I am truly bewildered by all of the choices. I am the kind of photographer that wishes to click, take a pic and then have something very crisp and sharp with minimal fiddling. I tend to like compacts because they are so portable but really I am after your advice. The single biggest consideration is image clarity. I don't care about wifi or all the expert features, if I can get something small to start I may well end up developing this as another hobby. I'd like to take more pictures of all my little Netgeezers. A video mode would be nice but wouldn't be a make / break.

    Our budget isn't huge, 200 - 280 (max) but I remain convinced I can get a camera that I'll be pleased to use instead of the current one annoying me. I end up taking sharper pictures with my phone!

    I have been looking at the Sony cameras such as the DSC-HX20V, the WX300 and a Samsung one along the way. Panasonic? Olympus? I really don't have a clue. I leave myself to your mercies.
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