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    Default Buying Help and Greetings!

    Hi all, my first post. Hoping to use the forum as a general assist for my dreadful photographic skills...

    I currently have a Sony Cybershot W330 compact camera. It's a few years old now and I feel that the pictures it takes are too fuzzy overall. (I don't know the technical terms, too much processing?) I've fiddled with options and can't seem to get anywhere. As a result, me and Mrs Netgeezer have decided to look into buying a new camera.


    Do I go for compact / bridge? Superzoom? I am truly bewildered by all of the choices. I am the kind of photographer that wishes to click, take a pic and then have something very crisp and sharp with minimal fiddling. I tend to like compacts because they are so portable but really I am after your advice. The single biggest consideration is image clarity. I don't care about wifi or all the expert features, if I can get something small to start I may well end up developing this as another hobby. I'd like to take more pictures of all my little Netgeezers. A video mode would be nice but wouldn't be a make / break.

    Our budget isn't huge, 200 - 280 (max) but I remain convinced I can get a camera that I'll be pleased to use instead of the current one annoying me. I end up taking sharper pictures with my phone!

    I have been looking at the Sony cameras such as the DSC-HX20V, the WX300 and a Samsung one along the way. Panasonic? Olympus? I really don't have a clue. I leave myself to your mercies.
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    Hi. The Sony Cybershot W330 is quite a good little camera with a reasonable 14MP sensor. If you get fuzzy shots with that, then I'm not sure the latest crop of Sony's or any 18/20MP compact camera would be any better. I assume you are shooting in low or indoor light? The only way round is to get a slightly bigger sensor. Less MP(mega pixels). And a lens that allows more light in.

    Have a look at the Canon S100
    It was expensive but is now down to half price. Although this camera has a lot of manual control. Just put it in "Smart Auto" and it will do all the work for you. It has a 12MP Cmos sensor with a lens that allows more light than usual. Of course. If you zoom in, in poor light such as indoors. The light gets less and you're back to fuzzy pics again but using zoom indoors on a compact is a no no anyway.

    I've seen it at Currys for 229 which is an absolute bargain

    Here are some images you can look at and download the original sizes if you wish so you can 'pixel peep' as they say.

    Here's some more from Flickr

    Can take some stunning shots. - Copyright All rights reserved by Hawkfish

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