My first post here.
I just need advice on something simple.
I wanted to buy a camera with interchangeable lenses, but one that could fit in my pocket.
After some research, I found the NEX series and boom. That's it.
I don't really need 24MP so the 7 was out, and the 3 didn't have WiFi sharing, and the 6 didn't have the 180 degrees LCD so I selected the 5R.
Now, the lens that came with it is a 18mm-55mm and it's too big!!!
I bought it today at Best Buy.
What I want to do now, is take the camera back, return it, then get the body only, and then purchase the wide angle lens instead.
From reviews and talking to some friends who know a little about photography, it looks like it's a good trade.
They say I won't miss the 18-55, and with the wide angle I finally get a pocketable DSLR.
Would you guys say it's a good tradeoff? The body with the wide angle is gonna run me a little more cash, around 50 bucks, which is ok considering I'm already spending around $600 on this.

Thanks in advance!!!