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    Default Canon Macro mR14 and Tamron 90mm fitting

    Hi to one and all, I would like to use a Canon macro MR14 with my existing Tamron 90mm macro lens.

    The only problem is the flash light unit is designed for a 58mm fitting and not a 55mm fitting. When tried with a regular stepping ring the thread is too thick to allow it to fit behind the clips. Are there any specialist products out there or would I have to file down the stepping ring?


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    Hi Paul

    I'm not a Canon user so won't be much help, but have you tried contacting Tamron for a suitable filter. Regards ... Graham

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    Hi Graham, yes you woud think so. But when I contacted Tamron they stated that due to it being a Canon product they would not expect to provide an adapter. They failed to see the sense that if they were to offer such a device perhaps it might encourage more persons to purhase their lens rather than the Canon macro for which an adapter is readily available.
    Regards Paul


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