So I've recently wanted to get into filming/photography and decided that a DSLR is the way to go as it has better light capture then a camcorder, really nice looking HD video not to mention interchangeable lenses.
I would be shooting 75% video and 25% stills for the most part.
The majority of it would be skiing so lots of snow and light but also a fair bit of shooting at night with spotlights.
I've looked at a bunch of entry level cameras and specs and such and people have said that once you buy into a system it would be expensive to switch brands so it's a good idea to look into the future. I'm off to college in 1.5 years and chances are I'll be keeping this camera until after college.
I am between a Nikon D5100 or a Sony A57. I know the Sony has lens stabilization and the AF motor in the body where as the Nikon doesn't but Nikon has a greater lens selection. I'm all for manual focus but I figure AF will come in handy more than once
*Note* I have a tripod (not a great one) and the main people I will be filming with both have experience with DSLRs. Also I'm looking to get a wide angle as I will be doing many follow cams.
Concerning the afore-mentioned camera, do you have any advice on which one I should get?