For many years I've been using Photoshop 7 to manipulate my photos and Collector 2.0 Pro to manage my collection. Recently I was recommended Lightroom and I've installed the 30 day demo on Windows 7.

Importing photographs is far superior, with many help text and videos on this subject to be found.

But I can't find any help on entering text data for displaying in a list for each photo. All that I can find is about displaying thumbnails but not the text data of the photos in my catalogue.

In my existing list view I can see a row for every photo with columns such as:-
File name,
Date/Time (photo taken),
People (in photo),

A display that would look like an Excel sheet display.

By clicking on a couple of tabs, I can switch from thumb view to text view.

However, it can't do this, I have now been told.

I've spent hours searching for similar software, but all I can find is software to edit the image, add to metadata and publish on the web.

To me this is a basic requirement: being able to see a table of text data about my photos in a scrolling display. Not just one photo's metadata at a time.

Any suggestions, please.