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    Question FujiFilm X20 or NEX 5R/6 for travelling?

    Hello, long time lurker, first time post.

    I've been looking to take up photography as a hobby, as i'm going travelling and also going to my first convention, so I want to bring a great starter camera, and i've put it down to the FujiFilm X20, the NEX 5R or NEX 6.

    They're all good cameras, and i reckon i'll go insane if i read anymore reviews across the internet, so i'd love to hear any opinions, reccomendations for these 3 cameras
    The X20 seems to be swing it for me at the moment, the photos looks incredible, so if anyone has one i'd love to hear your experiences
    Many Thanks!

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    hi and welcome. first look at the cameras on your short list the fuji is a bridge with a fixed lens the other 2 have interchangeable lenses, which way do you want to go. once thats determined then you may get another list and we can have a look at that with you. good luck

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