My wife owns a wedding cake and stationery company, and needs a new camera to take photos of cakes she makes, for her portfolio. The photos will be taken indoors (we are planning on getting a couple of softbox lights to help light the room), and also in situ at wedding venues.

The camera needs to be light, easy to use, and give very good crisp photos without much noise, and accurate colour reproduction. The photos are to be used in advertising in wedding magazines etc.

We have around 500 to spend, and I have found the Sony Nex 5R for 350 online. From what I have read, this camera seems to tick all the boxes, but does anyone have any other suggestions before I buy the Sony?

My wife tried my brother's Canon 5D, which gave good photos but she found it quite heavy to hold above the wedding cakes for certain angles. This is why we are thinking of a small, lighter camera to avoid accidentally dropping the camera on a cake!

Any advice appreciated.