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    Default DSLR <500 with video capture for amature

    Hi im a wannabe amature photographer and would like a good DSLR for under 500 that can also capture video.
    I will mainly be doing portraits and events but would like to use it for personal use too.
    Any advice would be appreciated but i think i have narrowed it down to a cannon or a nikon

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    Hi and welcome just seen in the paper 600d 495. There is a but, this is a great camera but if you want to go further then you will need lenses and they really add to the cost

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    Interesting you've narrowed it to Canon or Nikon. If video functionality is important to you then you get a lot more for your money with Sony, such as the A37 - ( - full 1080p HD, vari-angle screen, external mic input, a viewfinder that you can use for video, and full time continuuous AF in video mode. Canon and Nikon have nothing that can touch that for the price. But taking video out of the equation its more of a level playing field. Wave is right in that lenses are important too. What kind of photography do you want to do and how important is the video compared with the stills?


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