Hello, sorry in advance if I posted this thread in the wrong section I'm new to this site. Anyways I have a panasonic lumix dmc-fz47. I got it in early fall 2012. When I first got the camera it took great photos, all in auto. The exposures were fine and the images were quite sharp and crisp. I wanted to get a little more control over the camera so I started learning the different settings of my camera. As I started learning about how to set my exposure triangle, my images started losing their sharpness, especially if I am not shooting in a setup area. (Setting up lamps and backgrounds, almost like a homemade studio.). The real problem is when I start taking pictures on the go in places where there are no studio like conditions. I have to use ridiculous setting combinations to get a half decent exposure. The images are not completely out of focus but small details are not sharp even when I shoot in the highest number aperture, to ensure everything is in focus. Many of the images even on a bright winter day are comparable to my phone's camera. Could it be the camera? It does not seem to make any sense that as I progress as a photographer my camera gets worse. It also has trouble focusing when zooming in on a subject making the 24 zoom capabilities almost useless. Maybe I am just expecting too much out of this cheap camera. Also the video quality is horrible. It is advertised as 1080p/30 frames per second but once the .mp4 files are transferred to my mac the quality is comparable to that of a small point and shoot. Any suggestions on what I should do?