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    I am new to the world of slr photography and need some help and advice on which DLSR to buy. I have 5 of my Dad's tamron lenses with Olympus OM mounts, which I plan to use on another body using an adaptor. I am aware that this means I can't use autofocus. I am currently thinking on buying the Canon 60d, which I have found online for 450 brand new. I have been looking at lots of different reviews on its performance and it sounds pretty good, only negatives I have found are number of AF points and not being a full frame camera. I would like to know which other camera have roughly the same RRP and are of similar level. Thanks, Isla.

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    hi and welcome. my first question is how old are the lenses. you maybe better off just starting out fresh. as to the number of AF points a lot of people will just use the centre and recompose, if you use the non standard lenses then you will have to manual focus. I would reconsider using the oly lenses

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    Old lenses have their place in photography I have quite a few. What I would suggest is put your old lenses to the side, get your camera with a kit lens to get used to camera, then get your old lenses back out and take it from there

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